What A Social Security Disability Attorney Can Do For You

What A Social Security Attorney Can Do For You

Most claimants awarded Social Security disability had a Social Security attorney working with them, helping them develop a sound claim. Sixty percent of claimants get rejected the first time they apply for Social Security. There are several things a Social Security lawyer can do for you. A Social Security attorney can provide guidance and help you explore the options available to you.

Secure backpay

Backpay is an issue that many claimants are concerned with when pursuing a claim that could take years to resolve. It can be difficult to prove the beginning of the disability in a satisfactory manner. The Social Security Administration carefully scrutinizes these claims, so it is hard to prove that you are entitled to backpay without professional representation. Your attorney can prove the start of the disability and help you get the entitlements you deserve based on the onset date.

Can pull medical records

What if you were disabled due to a back injury? Your claim could be in jeopardy if you are relying exclusively on chiropractic records to prove your claim. Individuals who are relying on these records will encounter challenges because the court does not recognize the chiropractor as an “acceptable medical source.” An experienced professional can help you identify which medical records will add weight to your claim, according to Richard A. Whitaker, a Vallejo social security disability attorney.

Expedite claim in manner most convenient for you

If you are denied for a claim, you wouldn’t be in the minority. Most people have their initial claims rejected the first time around. Many Social Security applicants have physical challenges that make it hard for them to get around. An attorney can advance your claim without you being physically present by getting you a favorable decision on the record. Your attorney can handle the logistics of a case without you being there, a major benefit to the patient who has a hard time getting around.

Get all that is due to you

How do you know what all you are entitled to? Many claimants will have a harder time proving their claim without a reputable attorney. These attorneys can make sure that all of your payments are calculated correctly. In some cases, your SSDI attorney can help you navigate the process of getting the Medicaid or Medicare payments owed to you.

The average person lacks the expertise required to file a successful claim on the first attempt. Failure in filing the claim successfully for the first time increases chances of rejection and can result in your claim being tied up for years. The attorney represents the client in court to present the claim for Social Security benefits effectively. A Vallejo Social Security disability lawyer can help you keep your claim on track and maximize your benefits.

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