Tips to Make the Most of Your Doctor Visit

From the Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare site come these tips on making the most of your doctor visits:

1. Prepare ahead of time. Write down a list of your concerns and questions for discussion at your next doctor’s appointment.

2. Be honest. Share accurate information about your health. It might help detect or even prevent a serious medical problem.

3. Make a medication list: Write down the names of your medications and their doses. If you aren’t sure what they’re all for, use this time to ask your doctor.

4. Admit problems with your pills: Tell your doctor if you have problems taking your medications. Do you have side effects? Are they hard to swallow? Do they cost too much?

5. Speak up. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to talk about a specific symptom or problem.

6. Ask questions. If your doctor prescribes a new medication or treatment you don’t understand, ask for explanations until you do. If you aren’t comfortable with a new drug or treatment, ask about other options.

7. Seek preventive care. Become familiar with screenings, vaccines, and other routine tests. Early detection is the key to good health.

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