Make This Mother’s Day Extra Special for Your Senior Mom or Grandma

This article is from Elizabeth Wallace. Liz is a former geriatric nurse who blogs about issues affecting seniors’ health. She is married with two grown children.

Flowers for a Loving Grandmother on Mother's Day

Every Mother’s Day is special, but if you have an elderly mother or grandmother, the day becomes especially meaningful. Give her something special to do and gifts that will brighten up the rest of her year. If you don’t have a senior mother or grandmother in your life, reach out to one who could use the extra love and attention. The following ideas will help make this Mother’s Day the best one for the senior moms you cherish:

Trip Down Memory Lane

Plan a surprise road trip to the neighborhood she grew up in or create a scrapbook together. An afternoon of driving past old haunts or looking at old pictures is sure to make her smile. For a memory-filled gift your mother or grandmother can hang onto, check out, where you can buy a newspaper printed on the day she was born. Or, visit a shop like Willow Creek Studio—they can make her a memory blanket out of her favorite clothing or the clothing of her children and granchildren.

Boredom-Killing Activities

If you know a senior who is cooped up most of the time, call her and plan an activity for Mother’s Day. Whether she is a mom or not, she will love being remembered during this special time. Have lunch at her favorite restaurant or take a stroll through the park. If she has health issues that prevent her from leaving home, bring her into her yard to plant a few bulbs that she can watch bloom from her window or try bringing something fun to her.

Photo by terren in Virgina via Flickr

Vintage board games from Ruby Lane are a great way to fill an afternoon. If she’d prefer a mental challenge more than a competition, bring a puzzle instead. Harriet Carter makes personalized puzzles printed from the picture of your choice.

A Bit of the Great Outdoors

Many seniors are stuck living in a small nursing home room, and many of the ones who live at home are no longer able to get onto their knees and into their gardens. Regardless of where the senior you know lives, brighten up her space with some indoor gardening tools. Indoor gardening kits like this Flower Lover’s Seed Kit from AeroGarden are the perfect way to brighten up a senior’s day all year long.

Photo by leonid Dzhepko via WIkimedia Commons

Flowers for Forgotten Moms

No mom should sit forgotten in a nursing home on any day of the year, but especially not on Mother’s Day. The Ombudsman Program, through Senior Advocacy Services, organizes floral delivery for these women. You can volunteer to deliver flowers or chat with the recipients. If you don’t have time to spare, you can make a cash donation and have flowers delivered in your name.

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If there isn’t a program in your area, consider doing your own good deed and having FTD deliver Mother’s Day flowers to a lonely mom in your area.

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