Know Your Rights — Don’t Get Caught in a Nasty Divorce

Sadly, divorce can happen at any age.

If you are dealing with a difficult divorce, the experience can be stressful and overwhelming. Divorce can trigger numerous emotions and depression, but it is important for you to stay focused on the legal issues at stake in your case. Working with an attorney at the outset of your case will protect you from getting caught in a nasty divorce situation.

Here are five tips that you can take to protect yourself in a divorce.

Speak With a Lawyer as Soon as Possible

By speaking with a lawyer, you can understand your legal rights and also learn how to proceed in your case. A lawyer will help you deal with the other spouse in a professional manner rather than emotional. He or she will also take control over filing all of the required documents for your case and help alleviate some of the headache of divorce.

Secure Independent Representation

Your spouse may want to try to use the same lawyer for the divorce. It is in your best interest to hire a separate lawyer who can represent your side of the case in a fair manner. You can be sure that your own lawyer will advocate for you at all stages of the divorce. Having your own lawyer is essential during the equitable distribution of the assets.

Create a Post-Marital Agreement to Distribute Assets

A lawyer can also help you to create a post-marital agreement for distribution of the assets. This can ensure that a judge does not use his or her discretion to give a majority of your assets to the other spouse. A lawyer can try to help you create a post-marital agreement that divides assets in a fair manner and without the court’s intervention.

Don’t Disparage the Other Spouse

Whatever you do, refrain from speaking poorly about the other spouse. The court can consider any negative things that you say about the other spouse in determining child visitation rights. Disparaging the other spouse will only hurt your side of the case and so should be avoided at all costs.

Avoid Communicating with the Other Spouse

You should try to completely avoid communicating with the other spouse as there are almost always high emotions involved. If your spouse contacts you, you should refer him or her to your lawyer. Speaking with your spouse during a difficult divorce can only make things more complicated.

Following these tips will help you to keep your sanity during a difficult divorce. Try to stay positive and seek the advice of a Newark divorce lawyer during your divorce to protect yourself. Even if your former spouse resorts to unseemly tactics to gain control of the divorce, remember to not stoop to his or her level.

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