How To Help Pay For Medical Expenses That Your Insurance Doesn’t Cover

How To Help Pay For Medical Expenses That Your Insurance Doesn't Cover

Paying for medical bills seems petty for people with a premium insurance policy that covers most, if not all, related expenses. But what happens if your insurance policy doesn’t cover your incurred medical expenses? If not prepared for, these expenses will enter insurmountable territory and prevent you from recovering financially. Here are four tips to help you pay for non-insured medical bills.

Know The Right Way Out

Many people who cannot afford to pay their medical bills choose to not pay them until they can get the cash. This, however, can be more damaging than it is helpful to your situation. Unpaid medical bills are eventually redirected to a debt collection agency. These collectors then inform credit bureaus regarding these unpaid bills, which ultimately have repercussions to your credit status. Depending on your financial circumstance, there may be federal or state programs that you can qualify for. If this channel is also closed, you can try your hand on charity care programs that are provided by some hospitals and physician offices. The billing department is usually the one who handles these inquiries so call them up to speak with a financial adviser or manager.

Consult a Lawyer

Find a law firm like J Peterman Legal Group that specializes in your specific needs. These professionals bring a lot of knowledge and actionable advice to the table. If you are currently in dispute with your insurance provider, hiring a lawyer is the only way to ascertain that you get treated and compensated for fairly and in the fastest time possible.

Talk With the Service Provider

Hospitals may seem like the last place you’d want to be haggling prices, but it is indeed possible to lower rates by negotiating with service providers. A hospital bill encompasses many small procedures that are provided by different specialists including X-ray technicians, anesthesiologists, and surgeons. Try talking with them to see if they can give you any discounts.


Nowadays, you can open a crowdfunding project for almost anything, given of course that the cause is worthwhile supporting. Try to do a crowdfunding for your medical expenses by knocking on friends’ doors and signing up on crowdfunding websites that allow you to reach a broader audience and contributions worldwide.

These four tips are only the tip of the iceberg when trying to scramble for ways to pay uninsured medical bills. With a bit of research, you can easily pay off medical bills without it getting out of hand.

This article is courtesy of Anita Ginsburg, a freelance writer from Denver who often writes about home, family, law and business. A mother of two, she enjoys traveling with her family when she isn’t writing.

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Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving


I hope you’re spending time with those you love today.

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4 Common Hurdles to Receiving Social Security Payments

4 Common Hurdles to Receiving Social Security Payments

Social security can be broadly characterized as the actions a government takes to promote the welfare (basic needs) of the population. In the United States, Social Security is primarily a tool to provide a safety net for retirees who might otherwise slip into poverty when they are no longer able to work. The U.S. Social Security Social Security Administration also provides benefits for old-age survivors and disabled persons through the federal Disability Insurance (OASDI) program.

Being eligible for benefits does not mean you are entitled to them. To receive benefits you must file a claim, and not all claims are approved. What follows is an examination of four common hurdles claimants face when applying for Social Security payments.

Bureaucracy and Red Tape

The U.S. Social Security Administration is a massive government agency responsible for social insurance programs that disburse retirement, disability, and survivor’s benefits. The sheer size of the Administration makes the prospect of interacting with the agency daunting for many. For this reason, if you think you are eligible for benefits and you are allowed to file online, you should definitely do so. Filing a claim online can take as little as 15 minutes. Do not file online if you wish to pursue certain benefits maximization strategies such as filing on a spouse’s record then delaying the collection of benefits in order to increase them. You can file for regular Social Security benefits online by going to the website.

Missing Appointments and Deadlines

Improving your chances of having your disability claim approved means working closely with your attorney. This means being diligent in terms of arriving on time for appointments and not missing important deadlines. The professional legal staff of is quick to point out that the merits of your case will be judged by how well you document everything you argue in your claim. To do this, your disability lawyer will send you to see other people for professional opinions. It is important that you do not miss any of these appointments.

Untreated Substance Abuse Problems

It is very difficult to hide a substance abuse problem when one is sent to see so many doctors. Moreover, Social Security judges have precious little sympathy for claimants that choose not to help themselves. Since substance abuse by itself does not disqualify an otherwise valid Social Security claim, there is no good reason not to deal with the issue by being honest and upfront about it. Ideally, a claimant will be able to demonstrate to the courts that he or she has been getting treatment for their substance abuse problem during the entire application process.

Not Seeking Medical Care for a Disability

Merely being unable to perform the work associated with your normal job is not sufficient grounds for being eligible for disability benefits. To be considered disabled, your claim must be proven. Judges will assume that your choice to not seek care is evidence that a disability may not exist. The best evidence of your disability is contained in the medical records and reports generated by the medical professionals you see. Without a record of these visits, your case will seem less persuasive to the courts.

If you have a well-founded Social Security claim, you need to be prepared to defend it. In certain cases the merits of your claim will be heard by an administrative law judge. For this reason, it is wise to avoid handing the courts a good reason to deny your claim. Folks who have a completely valid benefits claim are obliged to put in the effort to clear the same hurdles laid out by the Administration to discourage fraudsters who wish to drain the system of money. Following the above advice is a meaningful step in that direction.

Author information: Anica Oaks is a professional content and copywriter who graduated from the University of San Francisco. She loves dogs, the ocean, and anything outdoor-related. She was raised in a big family, so she’s used to putting things to a vote. Also, cartwheels are her specialty. You can connect with Anica here.

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Up to Two-Thirds of New Cancer Drugs Lack Evidence They Extend the Patient’s Life


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine found that of the 54 new cancer drugs approved over the past five years, 36 of them were approved based upon so-called surrogate measures, rather than evidence that the drugs actually extended or improved the patient’s life. In addition, the study found that of those 36 drugs, many still had not demonstrated that they help patients live longer, even after being on the market for up to four years. Also covering the story are theBoston Globe and MedPage Today.

From the news release of the American Association for Justice.

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FDA Staff Reviewers Question Safety of Gout Drug


Reuters reports that Food and Drug Administration staff reviewers are raising concerns about the safety of lesinurad, AstraZeneca’s gout treatment. According to a preliminary report released Wednesday, the reviewers identified increased death rates, cardiovascular problems and kidney-related side effects as potential concerns.

From the news release of the American Association for Justice.

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Travel During Retirement: Six Tips For Staying Safe On The Road And Abroad

6 Tips For Staying Safe On The Road And Abroad-1

Traveling during retirement is the dream of many people. It is important to take precautions when you travel, especially if you are going abroad. There are many potential hazards that you might not know about. Here are six tips for staying safe on the road and abroad.

Know How to Reach Help

The first thing you should do when traveling to a new area or abroad is to find out how to get help if you need it. If you are stranded or are the victim of a crime, then you want to know what the local number is for help. Most locations today have a three digit emergency number similar to 911.

Carry Your Money and Valuables in Different Locations

Separate your money, credit cards, traveler’s checks and important papers into different piles. Carry those piles in different locations on your body. Never put everything into a single wallet, purse or pocket. This will prevent a single pickpocket from taking everything in one swipe.

Always Follow the Rules Of the Road

Road trips can seem pretty uneventful while driving on less-traveled highways. However, you want to practice safe driving even if it seems like you are the only person on the road. This will prevent accidents and legal problems. For example, you may be involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault involving a semi-truck while on the road. If you are injured in an accident, it’s important to get a free consultation from Groth Law Firm.

Keep Your Car Locked At All Times

Keep your car locked at all times while traveling. This includes when you are in the car. An unlocked car is an easy target for thieves. This is especially important if you have luggage or expensive items in your car.

Carry a Current Atlas and Maps of the Area

Always carry a current atlas and printed maps of the area you are visiting. Do not rely on smartphones or global positioning systems in cars. You want to have printed maps just in case you lose a signal or the devices run out of power.

Buy Travel Insurance

A final tip is to buy travel insurance for your trip. Travel insurance can be a lifesaver if something goes wrong on your trip or you get into a car accident. Travel insurance can cover many things from medical expenses to replacing lost credit cards or cash.

You need to be prepared for your trip on the road and abroad. Stay aware of your surroundings and take the time to be as cautious as possible. These six tips are a good way to avoid problems while you are traveling during retirement.

This article is courtesy of Anita Ginsburg, a freelance writer from Denver who often writes about home, family, law and business. A mother of two, she enjoys traveling with her family when she isn’t writing.

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Understanding How Negligence Will Play a Role in Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

Understanding How Negligence will Play a Role in your Personal Injury Lawsuit

Nearly all motor vehicle collisions are the result of negligence. The legal theory of negligence has certain elements. If you’re going to prevail in a personal injury lawsuit, each and every element of negligence has to be proved. If you fail to prove any single element, your case fails.

Definition of negligence
Negligence is carelessness that causes damage and/or injury. It’s a failure to use ordinary care that a reasonably prudent person would use in similar circumstances. It can be an act or a failure to act, but negligence doesn’t involve intentional acts.

This is a pivotal element in any negligence case. You’re required to show that the defendant had a duty to adhere to a standard of care. Then you have to show that they breached that duty. According to Las Vegas truck accident attorney Farhan Naqvi, every driver of a motor vehicle has a duty to operate their vehicle in a safe and careful manner so as not to cause injury or damage to other people or property around them. A breach of that duty can be shown through a violation of state, federal or common law.

You’re required to show that the defendant’s negligence caused your injuries. That fracture that you claim resulted from a car accident can’t have been caused by a golf cart accident a few days earlier.

You must prove compensable damages. A person can be negligent and cause injuries with no resulting damages. Compensable damages include but aren’t limited to:

  • Past and future medical bills
  • Past and future lost earnings
  • Pain and suffering
  • Any permanent disability and/or disfigurement
  • Loss of a normal life

Comparative negligence
The legal theory of negligence runs on a two-way street. For example, in an intersection accident, fault can be attributable to both parties because plaintiffs have a duty to use due care and caution for their own personal safety too. Under Nevada law, if the plaintiff was 30 percent at fault in the accident, his or her $100,000 verdict or settlement would be reduced to $70,000. If plaintiff is deemed to be more than 50 percent at fault, their case fails.

Personal injury is a very complex area of the law. If you or a member of your family is injured because of the negligence of somebody else, contact a knowledgeable, experienced, dedicated and successful personal injury lawyer. People who are injured by the negligence of others deserve fair compensation.

This article is from Lizzie Weakley, a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. She went to college at The Ohio State University where she studied communications. She enjoys the outdoors and long walks in the park with her four-year-old husky Snowball.

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Proposed Federal Rules Would Make Suing a Nursing Home Easier


NPR reports that the federal government “is now considering safeguards that would regulate the way nursing homes present arbitration agreements when residents are admitted,” but “more than 50 labor, legal, medical and consumer organizations have told the government that’s not enough,” and “they want these pre-dispute arbitration agreements banned entirely.” NPR notes that 34 US senators and attorneys general from 15 states and the District of Columbia “also have called for banning the agreements.” The proposed federal regulation “would require nursing homes to explain these arbitration agreements so that residents or their families understand what they’re signing,” and “would also make sure that agreeing to arbitration is not a requirement for nursing home admission.”

From the news release of the American Association for Justice.

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Dietary Supplements Send 23,000 People to Emergency Rooms Each Year


ABC World News reported that a study published Oct. 15 in the New England Journal of Medicine reveals that some “23,000 people” visit hospital emergency departments each year and “more than 2,100” are hospitalized due because of “dietary supplements.”

On the CBS Evening News chief medical correspondent Jon LaPook, MD, explained that because dietary supplements “products don’t need FDA approval, the CDC says it’s important to monitor their safety.” The study’s lead author, Andrew Geller, MD, of the CDC, was shown saying, “Some dietary supplements may have benefits, but there are risks and we encourage patients to tell their physicians that they’re taking dietary supplements and which ones.” Notably, “weight loss and energy products accounted for about 50 percent of” ED “visits in patients five to 34,” who commonly report “cardiac, chest pain, palpitations, and elevated heart rate.”

USA Today reports that the actual number of ED “visits caused by dietary supplements…could be much larger than the study’s estimates because many patients don’t mention their supplement use when visiting” their physician. Because supplement makers are not “required to list possible side effects on their products,” some consumers may not be aware “of the risk of taking too many, said emergency physician Jay Kaplan, president-elect of the American College of Emergency Physicians.” Dr. Kaplan had no involvement in the study.

The New York Times reports that for the study, investigators from the CDC and the FDA “tracked” ED “visits at a large network of hospitals around the country over a 10-year period and then analyzed those in which a dietary supplement was implicated.” What still remains “unclear,” however, is “how many, if any, of these cases are fatal because the study tracked hospital visits, not” fatalities caused by supplements.

The Washington Post reports in “To Your Health” points out that surveys indicate that approximately “half of US adults used at least one dietary supplement in the past month.”

From the news release of the American Association for Justice.

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Lawsuit Claims Former Pharmaceutical Executive Sold Recalled Anatabloc Supplements on eBay


The Washington Post reports that Rock Creek Pharmaceuticals filed a federal lawsuit against a former executive and his wife, claiming they stole 1,766 bottles of Anatabloc recalled from GNC stores. The couple allegedly “sold more than 700 of the missing bottles on eBay.”

From the news release of the American Association for Justice.

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