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Medicare Premiums: Rules For Higher-Income Beneficiaries

If you’re still working when you become eligible for Medicare, and you’re fortunate enough to have a higher than normal income, you’ll have to pay a premium for your Medicare coverage. Calculating this premium is not easy, but the Social … Continue reading

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Healthy Aging – Physically, Mentally and Financially

The month of September brought a welcome relief from the hot summer days. Cool breezes and cooler days make you want to get out and walk in healthy fresh air. September has also been designated as “Healthy Aging Month” with … Continue reading

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Protecting Your Loved Ones With Life Insurance

This is another guest article from my friend Brian Walker, of New York Life Insurance Company. Whether you’re recently married or just had a new baby, think about what would happen if you died tonight, or if you became so disabled that … Continue reading

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“I Don’t Have An Estate. Why Do I Need An Estate Plan?”

If you don’t have much money, why do you need to do estate planning? That’s a common question, and was addressed well in an article by author Deborah L. Jacobs. Here are excerpts from the article: When I would tell … Continue reading

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Dallas-Area War Veterans Learn Ways to Leave Battlefield Behind

The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) has added a special program for veterans to its BrainHealth Center. This could be a tremendous resource for our vets returning with some form of PTSD. The story was detailed in a good … Continue reading

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House Passes Veterans Housing Bill

In a surprising move, the U.S. House passed a bill that could help veterans who are receiving “Aid & Attendance” benefits, and who are trying to obtain housing subsidies. I say this was surprising because I have pretty much given … Continue reading

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Veterans’ Jobs Bill Blocked in the Senate

In a stinging rebuke to our nation’s veterans yesterday, the U.S. Senate voted down a bill that would have expanded job opportunities for vets. The story was detailed in one of the blogs of the New York Times. Here are … Continue reading

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Defibrillators With Damaged Leads Create Risk for Patients

In a front page story, the New York Times reported on the “life-or-death decisions” being made by patients who have implanted defibrillators that could misfire and need to be monitored, fixed, or removed. The defibrillators – medical devices made by Medtronic and … Continue reading

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Why Isn’t Medicare Protecting My Social Security Number?

There are only three numbers I can reliably recite from memory: my birthday, my wedding anniversary, and my Social Security number. Well, also my office phone number, but that’s 999-9999 so it’s not really a fair test. Everything else, I … Continue reading

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IRA Rules Get Trickier

This guest post is courtesy of Mr. Jim Loxley of My Compensation, an accident claims expert based in London. Ensuring that you comply with tax rules is important at the best of times, but a pending IRS crackdown on individual retirement … Continue reading

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