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Time To Have The Drug Talk — With Your Parents

Baby-boomers have a, sometimes deserved, reputation for taking drugs in our younger days. As we’ve aged though, now the drug use has shifted in a surprising direction — to our parents. The Boston Globe ran a good article on this … Continue reading

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Seniors Remain a Prime Target for Financial Fraud

Sadly, the most vulnerable among us are often the victims of financial scams by the most unscrupulous. The Dallas Morning News ran an excellent article about this problem recently. Here are a few excerpts: Americans age 60 and up lost … Continue reading

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Hands-Only CPR Can Save the Life of a Loved One

This guest post is from Elena K. McCoy, a Registered Nurse, student at Texas Tech University School of Law, and the best summer intern this firm has ever had. In her years as an ICU nurse Ms. McCoy had to perform … Continue reading

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Featured Link —

Sometimes it seems the federal government doesn’t do much right. But one thing they do surprisingly well is put up Web sites with helpful information, whether the subject is Medicare, Social Security, or other problems facing citizens — especially the … Continue reading

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The Value of Using Irrevocable Trusts in Medicaid Planning

People often wonder about the value of using irrevocable trusts in Medicaid planning. Certainly gifting of assets can be done outright, not involving an irrevocable trust. Outright gifts have the advantages of being simple to do with minimal costs involved, … Continue reading

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Think Before You Quit Your Job To Care For Mom

A situation that arises fairly often in the field of elder law is an adult child so intent on keeping a parent at home, rather than in a facility, that the child quits a job to care for the parent. This … Continue reading

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Featured Link — Seven Major Errors In Estate Planning

What are the most common mistakes in making an estate plan? Forbes Magazine came up with a good list. Highly recommended reading.

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29 States That Could Make Adult Children Pay for Mom’s Care

What obligations do adult children have to pay for the medical care of their parents? The Wall Street Journal recently listed 29 states where this is a possibility. Here is an introduction and the list from the article: Twenty-nine states … Continue reading

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Home Health Workers Await Ruling on Pay

The home health industry has an advantage over most others — an exemption from paying their employees minimum wage or overtime. This is due to a decades-old ruling that was aimed more at baby-sitters than at employees of large companies. … Continue reading

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Alzheimer’s Patients Suffer Partial Set-Back As Drug Companies Stop Development On Potential Cure

In a disappointment to those who care about victims of Alzheimer’s disease, the drug manufacturers Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson have stopped studies of the drug bapineuzumab in its intravenous (IV) form. This form of the drug has been widely anticipated as … Continue reading

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