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Demise of Obama Long-Term Care Plan Leaves Gap

A major portion of the Affordable Care Act has been scrapped by the administration. A decision was made that the Community Living Assistance Services and Supports program, or CLASS, would not be able to sustain itself financially at this time. This … Continue reading

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Featured Link — is a site with good information about seniors and the physical problems they face. here is a description from the site: Seniorlink is dedicated to helping frail seniors and people with disabilities live with dignity and independence. Seniorlink offers … Continue reading

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Report Redefines How Care and Services Are Provided to Gulf War Veterans

Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki announced that the Department’s Gulf War Veterans’ Illnesses Task Force has completed the draft of a comprehensive report that will outline how the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) addresses the concerns of Veterans … Continue reading

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USPSTF, Medical Groups Recommend Pap Smear Every Three Years

ABC World New reported, “A federal panel said today that healthy women do not need to get pap smears every year after all.” While many doctors “supported the recommendation,” some are worried that the recommendation will lead to women deciding … Continue reading

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Congressional Investigation Alleges Profiteering From Chemo Drug Shortage

NBC Nightly News reported that an investigation into “the shortage of chemo drugs” by Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) “has found some companies are making the situation worse in the name of profits.” NBC’s Myers added, “Dr. Jeffrey Dome said the … Continue reading

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Congress Open to Raising Health-Care Fees for Military Retirees

The United States has always claimed to care for and honor our veterans. In reality, we have often fallen short in providing adequate benefits for vets — both medical benefits and financial benefits. And now vets have one more thing … Continue reading

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Editorial: Public Needs More Details on Patient Safety at Hospitals

The Dallas Morning News this week published a disturbing editorial referencing an extensive investigation done on the subject of hospital safety. While studies such as this do not paint a total picture of hospital operations, any suggestion that certain hospitals … Continue reading

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Vitamins Associated With Increased Risk of Death in Older Women

The CBS Evening News reported, “More than half of American adults take dietary supplements.” ABC World News added, “A major new study in an important medical journal finds in some cases the supplements either do no good or could increase the … Continue reading

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Social Security to Hand Out First Raises Since 2009

After two years with no increase in benefits, finally in 2012 Social Security recipients will receive a cost of living increase. This story was reported by the Associated Press. Here are excerpts: Social Security recipients will get a raise in … Continue reading

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Protecting Your Parents: Keep the Insurance Sharks at Bay

There is an epidemic in this country of insurance and annuity salespeople taking advantage of seniors by selling them financial products that are not only inappropriate for the seniors’ life situations but which may also make the seniors ineligible for … Continue reading

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