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Medicare Data Reveal Top Safety Issues at Texas Hospitals

The Houston Chronicle reports, “Allowing the public to see information about mishaps and errors that occur during a patient’s hospital stay has been a contentious issue for hospital personnel, who believe the public could misread it.” Two reports released this month … Continue reading

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How to Obtain Veteran Service Records

This guest post is by Virginia Beach elder law attorney Angela N. Manz. Ms. Manz is a friend of mine who is a very nice person, in addition to being an excellent lawyer. You’ve decided to apply for veteran’s benefits for … Continue reading

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Medicaid Explained: How Would Block Grants Work?

These Questions and Answers are about the Republican proposal to convert Medicaid into a block grant program to be administered by the individual states with little control from Washington. This article ran on Stateline, a site dedicated to “State Policy … Continue reading

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Featured Link — Dementia Help Center

If you are a caregiver for a patient with dementia, you may find some helpful information at the Dementia Help Center site. The site is run by Ms. Kae Hammond. Here is the site’s description of Ms. Hammond: Kae Hammond … Continue reading

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What Happens to Current Nursing Home Residents if the House Budget Resolution Becomes Law?

The Center for Medicare Advocacy recently published a starkly frightening article detailing the effects on Medicaid recipients if the Republican budget plan, now proposed in Congress, were to pass the Senate and be approved by the president. I don’t believe … Continue reading

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Medicare Starter Kit — From AARP

AARP has written an extensive article detailing the steps necessary to get started with Medicare, and also detailing exactly what Medicare does and does not cover. I highly recommend you read this information. The first portion is titled “Top Eight … Continue reading

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Disabled Persons Have More Opportunities For Community Living Under CMS Proposed Regulations

A press release last week from the Department of Health and Human Services sounds like great news for disabled people who prefer community living rather than institutional living. However, with the budget crisis in Texas, and with spending cuts aimed … Continue reading

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HHS Initiative Aims to Reduce Medical Errors and Cut Costs

Print media sources widely covered an announcement last week that the Obama Administration was partnering with hospitals, insurers and other groups in order to reduce medical errors. Most sources considered the move a positive for the Administration. The Los Angeles Times … Continue reading

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AARP Calls on Lawmakers to Oppose Unbalanced Budget Proposal

This press release states the position of AARP on the recent budget proposals coming from Washington. AARP is very concerned about the effect the Republican proposal would have on Medicare benefits. Here is the information from AARP: Plan could cut … Continue reading

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Proactive Steps to Protect Your Identity

The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts has produced a Web site named, that provides information on protecting your identity from theft, and also tips on steps to take if you believe your identity has been stolen. The site does offer … Continue reading

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