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PreNeed (Pre-Paid) Funeral and Burial Plans

Advantages and Disadvantages of Prepaid Plans One way to plan in advance for the end of one’s life is to sign a formal contract called a “preneed funeral plan.” With this plan, money to pay for a funeral and/or burial … Continue reading

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Medication Problems and the Elderly

At 83 years old, Martha still lived in her own home, and enjoyed working in her garden and canning peaches. It was becoming harder to motivate herself, to get up in the mornings and accomplish the day’s tasks. She confided … Continue reading

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PTSD and Social Security Disability

A number of our Social Security Disability clients suffer from post-traumatic-stress-disorder or PTSD. Individuals suffering from this disorder frequently experience the following symptoms: re-experiencing symptoms (for example, a car backfire reminds a veteran of gunfire from battle), avoidance of situations … Continue reading

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